The Princess Bride

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Hello! Today I will be blogging about  one of my favourite books called The Princess Bride. First, here is a general overview:

  • Author: William Goldman
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 10+
  • Please note: Includes violent scenes and battles

The Princess Bride is a classic book written by William Goldman. It was oublished in 1973, and since then has had multiple editions made, including a 20th anniversary edition and 30th anniversary edition. The copy I own has three intoductions, specialty paper, elagant designs, and fantastic illustrations. It is also much bigger in size, making me feel like I am holding a real wonder, which I am.

In The Princess Bride, Buttercup is a poor girl living with her parents and ‘Farm Boy’, Westley, their servant, in the country of Florin. When the Count comes to inspect their cows, Buttercup sees the Countess staring at the Farm Boy in a very peculiar way, leading Buttercup to begin to love Westley immensley. When Westley leaves to seek his fortune in America, he is killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and Buttercup begins to shrink into herself. But soon Prince Humperdinck wished her for his wife, and she lives with him in peparatino for the wedding, but one day while she is riding, she is kidnapped, and must depend on the Man in Black to save her…

Throughout this incredible book, there is wondeful laugh-out-loud humour, valiant fights, despairing captures, and ripping adventure that brings you to the very end….I have read this book twice and plan to read it again soon.

A movie of The Princess Bride was filmed in 1987, starring Robin Wright as Buttercup and Cary Elwes as Westley. The script was written by William Goldman, the author of The Princess Bride himself, so the movie takes a wonderful perspective on the book and is just as enjoyable, yet shorter, so read the book first! 

There is also an extra chapter that acts as a sequel to The Princess Bride called Buttercup’s Baby, a story of the brave group of heroes (yes, group, but saying so would be a spoiler) continued from the The Princess Bride. It is just as enjoyable, yet unfinished.

Many people may be decieved by William Goldman’s claim that The Princess Bride was orginally written by an S. Morgenstern long ago, and that Goldman abridged the 1000 page book to 300. According to Goldman, The Princess Bride was orginally a history book on the countries of Florin and Guilder with a bit of story in between, but in reality, those countries don’t exist, and neither does Goldman’s ‘S. Morgenstern’. I was very frustrated upon finding this out the first time, but Goldman’s lie does not directly affect the story, and I love the book just the same.

If you want a quick, uplifting, suspenseful, funny, and adventurous fantasy in your hands, then read The Princess Bride, for it classifies as ‘all of the above’!

If you want more information on this book, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I could read this book and watch the movie 100 times and still want more. I think it is absolutely fantastic. Hopeing to make it a teacher read this spring.

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