Cats are Wonderful


I believe that cats are the best pets anyone could ask for. They are smart and affectionate, making them intelligent beings with a personality.  Other pets are nice, too, and each fulfills a different need, but cast are simply dreamy. I love my cat, Bedhead, because of his intelligence, caution, enormous appetite, love, affection, and laziness. While he can be a bother when he is screaming for food, there is nearly nothing better than to hold him in my arms and listen to his calm, content purr.

One reason I find cats wonderful is how affectionate they are. Rubbing their lips on you is them saying “you are mine” and shows how they love you and understand your bond with them. Have you ever been holding your cat, and it suddenly starts digging its claws into you rhythmically? This is called kneading. Kneading shows pure contentedness, and while is may hurt, take it as a compliment. If you have a cat that lives outdoors, you may notice that it leaves deceased small animals lying around, or even drop one at your feet. Even these small ‘gifts’ are brought to you out of love. Every time your cat brings you a dead bird or rodent, they are showing you their hard work and seem to say, “aren’t you proud of me?” Cats’ soft fur, rumbling purr, and crazy flexibility (a cat’s spine has extra rotation and elastic cushioning on the spine’s disk, making them more flexible than most animals) make them the ultimate teddy bears which lets you express your love for them when you snuggle them in your arms.

Another reason I think cats are great is their intelligence. Cats are extremely smart, which is one reason they are such excellent hunters, and also makes their companionship more believable. When I take my cat for walks in my backyard trails, he often takes shortcuts. When he does this, he makes careful calculations and plans precisely when and where he wants to meet up with me. I will walk down my trails and suddenly stumble upon him, with a smug look on his face, knowing that I would come there and that he would be there to meet me. Another outcome of cats’ intelligence is that they are cautious. They have incredible instincts. In order to befriend a cat, you must earn its trust, Cats won’t suddenly decide to trust you; you must prove to them that you care for them before they will decide you worthy of their friendship.

Yet other pets can be enjoyable, as well. Dogs, the second most popular pet in Canada, are loyal to a fault, and you can be sure that they will always support you. Hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small mammals are tiny enough to be held in your hand or keep in a pocket, which makes them incredibly adorable. Some pets, like fish, are nice for a simple companionship, too, if all you want is another living presence nearby. Others, such as parrots and other tropical birds, can add some change to your day with squawks and a few English words. Some people who want robust or loyal pet might not want a cat, because cats, unlike dogs, want you to please them, not the other way around.

However, I believe cats are the best. Each feline has its own voice and its own personality. They beat all for being the cuddliest. They are very smart, and if you treat them right, you will receive from them a quality companionship that lasts a lifetime.


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Plastic Canvas

Hello! Today I will be blogging about plastic canvas. Plastic canvas a plastic grid that you buy in sheets. It can be used to create many fun crafts. Using yarn, plastic canvas, and a blunt needle, you can create many fun toys or trinkets.

During lockdown this spring, I used plastic canvas as a keep-me-busy hobby. I ended up making about sixty creations, one a day. I planned to sell them, but all craft sales were closed. Now, I keep them in a box under my bed to give away as small last-minute gifts.

Plastic canvas can be used to make keychains, bookmarks, doll bags, coasters, or fun toys called Squeeze ‘Ems. Squeeze ‘Ems are made of three plastic canvas squares stitched together. Once you add eyes and a nose, you can squeeze the jaws of the Squeeze ‘Em to make it talk or eat. Bookmarks, keychains and coasters simply need to be filled and bordered with yarn, and doll bags consist of rectangles stitched together.

Plastic canvas is fun, creative, and inspiring for the imagination. You can stitch stripes, polka-dots, and letters. I find it a great craft useful for long afternoons and small gifts.

If you would like to purchase plastic canvas, CLICK HERE.

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Sewing Tips

Hello! Today I will be blogging about easy ways to make any sewing project easier. I hope you will find them helpful in your next project, whether it be doll’s clothes or a patchwork quilt.

  1. Start big. If you are creating your own sewing pattern, always make the pieces slightly bigger than necessary. You always don’t want to forget seam allowances, but even then, make sure you oversize it. If you end of with a finished product that is too small, you will have to start all over again. But if you make the pieces too large, then they might be just the right size, or if they are too big, you can always make them smaller.
  2. Use sewing patterns. Even if you find a pattern from some online blog, that person has had experience using those dimensions and knows what they’re doing. I find that if I create my own patterns, they often end up messy and unprofessional. Every sewing notions shop has many sewing patterns, too, that have been officially published and will work great! If you want a really professional article, then use a sewing pattern instead of inventing your own.
  3. Use matching thread. When you use a thread that stands otu against the fabric, the two might clash and create a sloppy-looking piece. This is not the case if you want something abstract or funky, where you want the thread to be different for the fabric. Another occasion where clashing thread is fine is when you are using a neutral material such as white, black, or grey, and want some colour in our article. However, if you want the piece to look uniform and smooth, make sure that the thread you’re sewing with is the same colour as the material. (This does not apply for seams, although you can do it if you want; no one will be seeing the inside of the piece anyway.)
  4. Add your personal touch. Everything always looks better if you add a little something unique. Besides choosing your own fabric, adding a ribbon, button, or embroidery to make it your own. I find that if I add my own personal touch, I am prouder of my finished piece because  no one made anything exactly the same.
  5. Pay attention to the grain. The grain of the fabric is the way the fabric stretches. If you are sewing a hoodie, you will want the grain of the fabric to stretch sideways for pulling it over your head. For some things, like coasters or bookmarks, you won’t need to pay attention to the grain. Some fabrics like cotton don’t have much stretch anyway. But for anything that requires stretch, make sure you pay attention to the grain line.

I hope these tips help you; I know they help me!

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