Plastic Canvas

Hello! Today I will be blogging about plastic canvas. Plastic canvas a plastic grid that you buy in sheets. It can be used to create many fun crafts. Using yarn, plastic canvas, and a blunt needle, you can create many fun toys or trinkets.

During lockdown this spring, I used plastic canvas as a keep-me-busy hobby. I ended up making about sixty creations, one a day. I planned to sell them, but all craft sales were closed. Now, I keep them in a box under my bed to give away as small last-minute gifts.

Plastic canvas can be used to make keychains, bookmarks, doll bags, coasters, or fun toys called Squeeze ‘Ems. Squeeze ‘Ems are made of three plastic canvas squares stitched together. Once you add eyes and a nose, you can squeeze the jaws of the Squeeze ‘Em to make it talk or eat. Bookmarks, keychains and coasters simply need to be filled and bordered with yarn, and doll bags consist of rectangles stitched together.

Plastic canvas is fun, creative, and inspiring for the imagination. You can stitch stripes, polka-dots, and letters. I find it a great craft useful for long afternoons and small gifts.

If you would like to purchase plastic canvas, CLICK HERE.

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