Forged in Flames

Life sure was more complicated now than wehen they were little kids.

Hello! Today I will be blogging about a Christian book trilogy called Forged in Flames, by Susan Reimer. First, I will give you some genral information:

  • Author: Susan Reimer
  • Genre: Christian fiction
  • Age: 12+
  • Please note: These books contain elements of drug addiction, bullying, and alchohol, as well as strong Christian elements.

Forged in Flames is a book series for young adults that consists of three books: EmbersA Spark of Faith, and Through the Fire. It is written by Susan Reimer. Forged in Flames is a Christian series that teaches readers to have faith in God and learn to follow him. Each contains a study on a book of the Bible in the back that is explained throughout the book in a fictional youth group. This religious element can be relied on, becaus Susan Reimer is a former youth group leader and each book has been edited thrououghly for accuracy in accordance to the Bible.

In the first book, Embers, you learn about Peter Xavier, a boy starting grade eleven. As his life continues, the problems of drug addiction, death, and agruments invade his life, and he must find faith and trust in God to help him through the obstacles that have been placed in front of him.

In the second book, A Spark of Faith, you learn what it’s like to live as Alex Smiley, one of Peter’s friends from the firtst book. Because he is diagnosed with Down syndrome, Alex finds the restrictions of the syndrome begin to increase as his friends move on in life. Alex must have faith in God as he learns that everyone is fearfuly and wonderfully made in their own way.

In the third and final book, Through the Fire, you follow Joey Floretti, Peter and Alex’s friend. As the graduation of grade twelves slowly nears, he finds himself struggling to make the right choices. While he appreciates his father and his garage, Joey knows that’s not what he wants and starts to resort to bad ways to earn money. Through his late grandfather’s diary and the local youth group, he learns that it is better to do what it right than what is easy, and learns to connect with God and find his purpose in life.

These books are all enjoyable reads, but I find Through the Fire the best. Perhaps that is because Joey is going through normal teenage struggles, as not everyone has Down syndrome or has a family member suffering from drug addiction. Joey finds his own struggles that many other adolescents face. These books make more sense if they are read in order, as minor connections take place, but because each is about someone else, it is not absoloutely necessary.

If you are looking for inspirational Christian writing that really helps you connect with the characters and the Lord, then you will enjoy these books!

If you want more information on this book, CLICK HERE.

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