The Wonders of my Cat


My cat’s name is Bedhead.

When he wakes up in the morning,

All he wants is to be fed.

Yet I can’t help adoring

His squinty eyes and messy coat

And how he wishes still to be snoring.


When I pick him up, soon a sound comes from his throat,

A wondrous purring, soft and warm.

I hold him in many different ways,

He clings and snuggles, I cuddle and hug.

Other times his paws are crossed

And he gazes as we walk along

At birds perched on white leaves of frost.

When I put him down, he thinks it’s wrong,

And sits, waiting for me to come

He lets out accusing, demanding meows;

As I walk, my pity drums

And turning back, through snow I plough,

To scoop him up again.

When he eats his softened food,

I smile and laugh to hear

A wet, gurgling sound as he chews.


I love it when he rubs my legs;

A gentle nudge or tiny paw,

He doesn’t even need to beg

To be snuggled close and hugged.

His pale green eyes

And light-orange fur,

His larger size

And vibrating purr

Make him utterly irresistible.

He loves his home,

His wooden house;

Whenever he roams

To hunt his mouse,

With stealth and silence

No other can match,

He’ll suddenly pounce

And make his catch,

With quite a smug face

And very full belly,

Yet he always comes back

To the home he adores,

The little shack,

With its musty scent

And fluffy cat-bed.

I love my cat,

And he loves me,

From his pink, wet nose

To his bean-shaped toes.


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