Hello! Today I will be blogging about scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a fun pastime that helps you preserve your life. You can flip through the pages of your scrapbook and think, ‘Oh, yes, I remember doing that,’ or ‘Oh, yes, I remember going there.’ Scrapbooking is a fun hobby, too, and you can make your keepsakes creative.

When I do something memorable or someone gives me a special note, I tape or glue it in my scrapbook and some months later I will look back and smile. I make my own scrapbooks out of printer paper and cardstock, with a few decals to make it look nice. I use cardstock for the covers, and some 10-20 sheets of paper on the inside. I printed the title ‘Susan’s Scrapbook’ in a fun font on the front cover and added some ribbon flowers I glues together, binding the thing with ribbons wound through hole-punched paper. There are also scrapbooking kits you can get to make your scrapbook intricate and professional, with stencils, frames, and stickers.

I put literally anything in my scrapbook. I taped in my admission sticker from Skyzone, ribbons from track & field meets, notes from my sister, confetti from a concert, old drawings, and other random things that mean something. Scrapbooks preserve your life and keep memories hidden inside them to look back on and be handed on. They can help you let go of your past if something hurtful recently happened and you staple in a relic of it. I find scrapbooks precious, and I like to have one on hand.

If you want creative scrapbooking ideas, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I am planning to start scrapbooking and this inspired me more! I also keep random things and I totally agree! It brings back so many memories when I look back and I love how small things can be so meaningful.

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