Hello! Today I will be blogging about Township. Township is a fun interactive town-building game that can be played on PC as well as mobile devices. Here is some basic information:

  • Producer: Playrix
  • Age: 10+
  • Available on PC and mobile devices
  • Cost: free

Township is a town-building simulation game. I play it because it is satisfying to have your little world that you created and manage. It’s nice to have something that you can control no matter what.

In this game, you level up as you develop your town. With each level, you unlock new buildings. Your town includes factories such as feed, paper, fabric, dairy, and bakery factories, a wide variety of houses, from cottages to mansions, stores, facilities such as Laundromats, barbershops, and cafes. The Town Hall contains your editorial options (avatar picture and town name) and achievements. You can buy land expansions when you need more space, and build roads and pavement in edit mode.

In Township, you can personalize your town by adding decorations like trees, fences, and playgrounds. You can rearrange buildings at any time, and design complex layouts for what you want your town to look like.

Township is not just about building; you need to develop your town, provide for your citizens, and keep your population happy, too! Plant things like wheat, carrots, corn, and plenty of other things in your ever-growig field to manufacture goods in your factories. Feed your livestock to get things like wool, milk, and eggs. You can fill orders from citizens by helicopter, and trade by train for building supplies needed for constructing community buildings. You can also fil cargo holds in the airport to earn gems needed for advantages like earning more coins from helicopter orders or receiving more goods from your fields.

As you progress in Township, you can unlock features like the co-op, the mine, and the zoo. In the mine, you can dig up valuable metals and forge them into bars for building and trading. Once the zoo opens up, you can fill orders and collect animal cards to open new exhibits.

There are many interactive games in Township. Once you reach level 19 and can open or join a co-op, you and your team can compete in regattas against other co-ops for prizes by completing tasks around your town. You can also make ‘friends’ in Township. You can see your friends’ towns, and if they can’t fill an order, they can ask you for help, and if you have what they need, you can lend them items. There are also themed worldwide solo competitions such as Snow Ride in which you play levels or races to gain points and prizes, and climb in the leaderboard against other players.

Township is a very enjoyable game. You can keep on climbing levels and unlocking new privileges and options, and watch your very own town flourish before you eyes!

If you are interested in owning this game, CLICK HERE.

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