Altering Patterns to Different Sizes

Hello! Today I will be blogging about how to alter sewing patterns to fit different dolls. It’s really an easy process.

I have a collection of patterns that fit different dolls: WellieWishers, American Girls, Journey Girls, etc. But I had to print out a new pattern from a different website each time I wanted to sew something in a different size. Now I’ve realised that there is a much easier way to create identical patterns in different sizes.

In the above picture, the leggings the dolls are wearing are actually the same pattern, but printed at a different size. I really like leggings, and found an American Girl pattern, but it only fit one type of doll. I wanted all of my dolls to wear leggings! So I printed the pattern again, but at a different size.

To change the size of the pattern, you must know the height of each of your dolls. In this example, I am altering the 18″ leggings pattern to fit a 15″ doll. To change the size of the pattern, divide the new doll’s height by the other’s (in this case, 15 ÷ 18). The decimal you get will be the percent to print the pattern (in this case, 0.83). In the settings before you print the picture, select ‘More Settings’, and under the Scale (%) control, write the decimal you got as a percent (remember that when you change decimals to percents you end at the hundredths, so this percent would be 83).


The pattern will then change to the right size for your doll. Print and enjoy!

This works for making patterns bigger, as well. If you have a small pattern and want to alter it to fit a larger doll, you would divide the larger doll’s height by the small one. In this case, you won’t get a decimal, but something over one. This means you would print it to a percent over 100. As an example, let’s take the 18″ and 15″ dolls again. 18 ÷ 15 equals 1.2, so you would print the pattern at a scale of 120.

I hope this post was helpful and easy to understand. If you would like to access the leggings pattern I used, CLICK HERE.

Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!


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